Audio cassette, VHS analog, PCM F1, D.A.T., 1/4" and 1/2" reel to reel
(DBX Type 1 noise reduction available) can be transfered to the digital format of your
choice. (CD, CD24, DVD etc).
High quality sample rate conversion is also available.

1/2" 16 track (dolby C or no N.R.) to Digital Performer, Pro Tools or Alesis HD24 XR.

L.P.s, 45s, 78s and transcription discs – we can transfer them  to the  digital format of your choice. Also compilations can be made from Lps or any other sources to CD, MP3, etc.


Any analog tapes more than a few years old or those that have not been  properly stored will need to be baked before they can be transfered.
For an additional charge we bake can them for you. We can bake any ¼" or ½" tape as well as 1" and 2" tapes that are flat wound.

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